How we’re helping struggling Australians find successful careers with WISE Employment

For over 17 years, we’ve helped over 1,000 Australians step into the workforce through a partnership with WISE Employment.

We’re always looking at ways to continue to support the Australian economy. Working with WISE Employment means thousands of Australians, who may be struggling or may suffer from mental health, have the chance to gain experience and hands-on skills in our workshops every year.

WISE Employment helps over 12,000 Australians find employment every year as part of their vision to inspire, transform and enable people to realise their potential.

What is WISE Employment?

WISE Employment is a national employment agency that has been operating since 1992. They provide employment services under the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Services (DES) program and their services are free to eligible job seekers and employers.

They also assist those who are struggling to find employment due to mental health and external circumstances.

With offices across NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS, SA, and NT, they’ve been able to connect thousands of employers with new staff.

How we’re providing more opportunities for those in need

Since beginning work with WISE Employment, over a thousand employees have worked with our team, and over 15 of those candidates had a history of mental health.

While some have been short term employees, most are still with us and havebuilt fundamental skills in our workplace which they’ve taken into permanent positions.

Others have remained with our business for years and have been promoted within the company to management positions.

Two of these employees include Nathan and Adam. Nathan works as a Process Manager in South Australia while Adam is a Factory Supervisor in Victoria. Both Nathan and Adam have a tremendous impact on our business and we’re proud to have them on our team.

Our Victorian Operations Manager, Paul Harding said, “the program has both benefited our team and helped those from WISE Employment to access a real, meaningful career and on-the-job experience.”

“I think having a diverse and varied workforce is great for morale,” Paul said.

“And it is satisfying as a company to give opportunities to those that may not normally get them, and who truly appreciate employment and gain great validation from it.”

We look beyond mental health to employ best qualified candidate for the job

In a video interview with WISE Employment, Paul Harding said, “there is no limitation on who we can employ. If a person with a mental illness wants to apply for a position, we certainly wouldn’t exclude them.

“If they are the right person, the right fit, then it is not an issue for us, and if they’re the best candidate, they will certainly get the job.

“I’ve got to say with the employees that we’ve had with mental illness, there have never really been a lot of issues,” Paul continued.

“They’re either up for the job or they’re not!  Same as everyone else. The number one thing is attitude. We can train someone to have the skills they need.”

How your purchase helps those working with us

We want to continue supporting the employees who come to join our business through WISE Employment. With every purchase made, you’re helping to grow our workforce which allows us to find more career opportunities for members of the local community who might find it difficult to find those roles otherwise.

We believe in supporting our local communities, and we’re proud to continue our partnership with WISE Employment to make those opportunities possible for another two decades.

If you’d like to learn more about our company culture and those we support, visit our website.