The benefits of using a sliding door system

Sliding doors are an ideal addition to your home, offering a sleek look that matches the different house styles.

If you are wondering how to incorporate sliding doors in your home but don’t know where to start, don’t stress; we’re here to help!

Hume Doors & Timber offers a large range of sliding door systems, and we will help you find the perfect one for your home.

Why choose a sliding door system?

So, before we get into the different types of sliding systems, let’s talk about the most significant benefits.

  • Great Aesthetic: Sliding door systems can add beauty, elegance, neatness, or a charming look to your home. We offer an extensive range of internal doors that can help you to create the perfect look.
  • Space Saving: Sliding doors operate efficiently on their track instead of swinging like a hinged door saving you valuable floor space. It also can create an optical illusion that makes the room larger.
  • Natural Light: Instead of separating two spaces of your house with a wall, consider installing a sliding system with glass doors allowing a lot of natural sunlight into your home.
  • Energy efficiency: When installed correctly, sliding doors allow your house to stay comfortable all year round, throughout the hot and cold seasons.

Now you know the benefits of incorporating sliding systems into your home design, let us help you discover the perfect product for your space.

Balance Sliding door system

Want the freedom of enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend in the kitchen while keeping an eye on the kids watching TV? The Balance Sliding Door System gives you an extra room or that spacious, open plan feeling whenever you need it.

Consisting of two sliding doors and two fixed panels, with a range of door styles and glass options available, our Balance Sliding Door Systems create flexibles and functional living zones in your house.

Cavity Units

If you are looking for a door that is effortlessly designed to slide into the wall, cavity units are a great solution. We have four Cavity systems that are easy to install and designed to fit every home.

Hume Doors offer a wide range of widths and sizes available to choose from.

  • Evolution Cavity Unit: The Evolution Cavity Unit is the perfect solution for space-saving. It is available in pine, with smooth 4-wheel ball-bearing carriages, and can hold up to 70 kilograms worth of door mass.
  • Evolution Complete Cavity Unit: Equipped with one touch release and soft-closing technology, the Evolution Complete cavity unit enables the door to be held inside the cavity, released with a simple touch and slide across the opening where the soft-close will gently slow and closes it.
  • Evolution Steel Cavity Unit: This type of cavity unit has a galvanised steel construction that provides additional strength against warp or bow and is termite resistant.
  • Evolution Premium:  The Evolution Premium is a fully customised solution. It is a floor to ceiling solution, covering an impressive large door opening with a hidden track system.
Smartrobe Units

Hume Doors Smartrobe systems are another clever solution for your home. Smartrobe sliding doors require very little space to open and convert your walls into a practical storage solution. You can select two, three of four doors depending on your opening size.

You can select any of our full internal range of doors for sliding doors that fit perfectly into your home design. Also, you can choose a mirror door that makes your room appear larger while giving the room a lighter feel.

Frontier Barn Doors

Our Frontier barn doors are a great sliding system, and the perfect room divider for your home. Choose from our Frontier Standard or Ultimate Barn Door range to complement any space.

Suiting a range of home styles, from country chic to Hamptons to industrial style, you’re sure to love how one of our barn door styles fits into your décor.

Whether you’re building a new house or renovating your existing home, now you know the different options of sliding door systems that Hume Doors & Timber has to offer. Please find out more about our sliding door systems here.

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