Pullenvale disability-friendly flat features Hume entryway

Saunders Building Company are our newest find on Instagram. They tagged us in a post of their project in the Brisbane suburb of Pullenvale – a disability-friendly, fully accessible, granny flat. The build was for their client, an elderly couple living with a disability, looking to downsize and live closer to their family.

The flat needed to be small enough to count as a secondary dwelling, as it was built on the same property as the client’s children and grandchildren’s home. Along with location, functionality was a key factor for this project. Baahouse & Baastudio put together the design for the home, keeping in mind that it needed to be accessible.

The granny flat is all on one level – there’s not a single step up or down throughout the entire home. The power points and light switches have all been installed at appropriate heights, the internal doorways are wider than usual, and the open-plan living design makes the kitchen much more accessible for the couple.

But one of the biggest hurdles, Kirby from Saunders told us, was finding the perfect front door.

Firstly, the team determined a traditional door lock wouldn’t work for this client. The couple wouldn’t be able to unlock and push open the front door on their own so Kirby and the team elected to use a keypad lock instead. Next up was picking the actual door.

“We needed a front door that would be wide enough to allow ease-of-access, but we didn’t want to compromise on aesthetics,” Kirby told Hume. They decided on the XV18 from the Vaucluse range. The team picked this product because its striking design and this pattern complemented the front of house. “A coat of Sikkens stain and a matte black handle meant the entryway went so well with the monument cladding we used on the external walls,” Kirby explained.

Saunders went through Hume for the front door because of our vast range of options and quick turnaround. “Not only were we able to customise the size so it worked with our build, but there were so many designs to pick from! Hume’s range meant we could find the perfect fit – both literally and in terms of style. Plus, there’s a range of stores that stock Hume, so availability was a cinch,” Kirby said.

We’re so glad to have been a part of this fantastic project and hope the new tenants love the home as much as we do!

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