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  • Highly moisture resistant medium density fibreboard (HMR MDF)
  • Safe to you and the environment (low formaldehyde levels) (E0)
  • Innovative priming system - using the very best formulations to provide the greatest pre finishing coat in the market.

Hume Silktrim mouldings are manufactured to allow for a straightforward and rapid installation, while providing the perfect primer for an excellent paint finish. Elegant styles and stable engineered construction, is why Silktrim is the sought after option for final fit out stages in new homes and commercial developments.

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Cutting & Joining

When cutting always cut through the front to help eliminate fibre tear and when joining Silktrim mouldings we recommend mitre cuts be used and the joint glued using PVA adhesive.



Use the correct size finishing brads to suit the thickness of mouldings so that a minimum framing penetration of 25mm is reached. It is important not to over fix silktrim as this may causing bruising or splitting. Refer to our handy guide within the Silktrim installation download.



Before painting, fill all nail holes, lightly sand and clean. Apply two coats of quality Acrylic or Enamel paint, lightly sand between coats.

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Silktrim is a wood based product made from recycled wood waste produced by mills and manufacturing plants. Added to this is extra fibre sourced from forests with sustainable plantation growth. The resin used to produce Silktrim has a very low formaldehyde level (E0) and meets Australian standards. Making it safe to you as well as the environment.

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Care and Maintenance

Silktrim is a wood based product and care must be taken to ensure the product remains dry at all times during storage and delivery to site. Wood based products will absorb moisture from the atmosphere, which can lead to dimensional change. For the best results protect from moisture, excessive heat, and direct sunlight.

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What is this product?

Silktrim is a highly moisture resistant medium density fibreboard (HMR-MDF) which is a high grade, composite material that performs well in many areas. Made from recycled wood fibres and resin, MDF is machine dried and pressed to produce a dense and stable product.

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Hume Doors & Timber embrace environmental awareness, protection and enhancement. We are committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner at all times.

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