DIY made easy with our Pre-Hung Doors!

We try to make your door installation process as pain-free as possible, but we understand that sometimes customers may want to avoid biting off more than they can chew when it comes to DIY renovations. That’s why we’ve got a range of options like our pre-hung door system!

This product is made to suit single, double, triple and four-door systems and it works with all Hume internal doors, so it’s perfect no matter the size or style of your space. Plus, it is certainly our easiest door to install yourself, so even the least experienced of us are able to take it on.

For this installation you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver, hand saw, pencil, chisel, combination square, step ladder, tape measure, claw hammer, nails, spirit level, builder’s ruler, cordless drill/drill bits, driver bit, a variety of assorted screws and some packers.

Firstly, you’ll need to measure your stud opening. You’ll need these measurements when purchasing the system and keep in mind the door you select may need trimming. While you’re still in these early stages, you should assess the area and look for any obstructions that may affect the door’s swing room.

Next, place the jamb in the opening, hinge knuckle facing you – make sure it is installed so the door will open the direction you want it to! Then, measure and mark the top of the jamb, from the top of the hinge, for cutting. Square off and mark the hinge and closing styles. Ensure jambs are all level and cut.

Fit the jamb head to the style tops and fix with screws. Once assembled, double check all measurements and slide into doorway. Make sure the hinge is plumb, packing if necessary, before nailing the jamb to the stud. Remove the hinge pins and seal the door. Slot the door in and replace the pins. Double check everything is plumb, pack if necessary and fasten off the closing jamb with hammer and nails.

If you’re working with loose stop jambs, mark off, cut and fit the stop bits inside first. Ensure this is installed on the opposite side of the hinge knuckle. Fit architrave sets before attaching your latch and handle. Then you’re all done – congratulations!

If you’d like to talk to one of our professionals about your own DIY projects, give us a call today.

For more guidance, follow these instructions or watch the below video.