How to choose the right type of glass for your door

Having glass as part of your door design can add some great functionality and aesthetics, but only if done correctly!

There is a huge range of glass door designs to choose from, but also various different types of glass, all of which have different roles.

To help you out we’ve provided some helpful tips for when you are choosing a door with glass features.

Determine the function of the room

Prior to choosing the right glass for your door, knowing its purpose and accessibility restrictions will help you list the possible outcome that you want.

It might be a door that connects the dining room to the kitchen, so the glass needs to transfer a good amount of light. Perhaps a front door opening to the living area, meaning it might be better to have frosted glass with a thicker glaze.

Decide the kind of doors you want

With today’s innovative home designs there are a heap of options to choose from. Below are some types of doors that would complement having glass.

  • Hinged door
  • Sliding door
  • Bi-fold door
  • Alfresco stacking doors
  • French door

Once you have chosen the type of door, you will have the important clues in choosing the type of glass such as the measurement, quality, and durability.

Consider the following key factors:

Temperature and natural light

Glass can insulate you from the outside temperature and control the natural light that comes in to your house. Some help keep your house warmer during winter and cooler during summer.

You have to understand the temperature of the place you live in and the how much cool/heat you want to enter into your house because glass can have different features that affect the overall ambience of your house.


You have to know if there are certain noises that you want to block or hear. If you decided to have a sliding door to your backyard which has a beautiful garden, you may want a glass that enables you to hear the sound of the birds. But if you hate to hear the noises outside, particularly if you live in a busy area, you can opt to have a glass that reduces the sound.


Having a beautiful glass front door can really add to the kerbside appeal of your home, but you also need to factor in how much privacy you want. If you have an open plan design, where you can see the entire length of the house from the front door, you may prefer a frosted or rice paper finish, whereas if you have a privacy wall as part of your entrance, clear glass might be a perfect fit. These type of factors are also important to consider for any of your internal doors – as glass will alter your levels of privacy!

Understand the architectural design of your house

One of the best things about houses are the designs. It has the ability to change the atmosphere and create a pleasing view for the eye. Coordinate the colour and design of the glass to your house’s interior or exterior design.

Meet the Standards

The Australian Building Codes and Australian Standards have specific requirements for glass, based on where it’s being used and what it will be used for. Ensure you are choosing a glass door from a reputable manufacturer – such as Hume Doors. You can be certain that all our products meet all Australian requirements. You can find our ranges at any one of our distributors.


If you have any questions, get in touch with us today.