Glowing Hume Doors feedback from happy homeowner

Hume Doors & Timber strives to do everything ‘The Hume Way’. This means creating top-quality products, embracing safe work practices, and striving to keep our customers happy. In our experience, going that extra mile does make a difference. And homeowner Graham can attest to that fact. We’re so happy to share his feedback with you!

The Pivot System

Having recently purchased a new home, after just 18 months Graham noticed there were aspects of the home that needed work. The most significant was the home’s entrance door. The XS24 from the Savoy 1200 range hung on a Pivot Door System. The top of the door had a gap of about 10-20mm when closed, and Graham wasn’t sure how to adjust the product to make it fit better. 

“I used to work in the building game, but because it was a pivot system, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I’ve never had a pivot door before so I assumed it could be adjusted by hand but just didn’t know how to go about it. I also suspected the door jamb would need work, as it was faulty too, so that’s when I sought the help of Hume,” he said.

Contacting Hume Doors

Graham got in touch with his nearest Hume office, and passed on his feedback. He asked if the instructions for this product could be sent to him, as he hadn’t purchased the door himself so he didn’t have the relevant paperwork. Hume decided to send out team members out to the property to inspect it in person instead. 

“It was great, they got in contact and asked if this date and time would work for me, then on the day they called again to confirm. It was really great communication and I feel like you don’t see that kind of customer service very often these days. From start to finish, the Hume team were friendly and prompt,” Graham said in his feedback to our team.

Fixing the problem

Upon seeing the door, the team decided the best move would be to pull the door and jamb out. So, they completely rebuilt it, eliminating the gap. The entrance looked as good as new!

“It now fits and operates perfectly, and it was all done without charge. I was so impressed!” 

Although he hadn’t been in touch with Hume Doors before, Graham said he’s heard of the brand. And he was so pleased with the great first experience, that he reached out to thank us again.

“People are often quick to criticise in their feedback, but Hume Doors kept in touch and did everything they said they would in a timely and friendly manner. From my first phone call to the completion of works to solve my problem, Hume Doors and all their staff have been a joy to deal with.

I want to thank Hume Doors and their service staff profusely. I am coming up to 70 years old and thought that the service standards you have displayed were a thing of the past. I will sing the praises of Hume Doors whenever I get the opportunity,” Graham concluded.

It just goes to show, the practices we strive toward through working ‘The Hume Way’ really work. Once you’re a Hume buyer, you’re guaranteed to be looked after – we make customers for life, not just for a quick sale. Thanks for this fantastic feedback Graham, we’re so pleased you had a positive experience.

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