A pop of colour is all it takes to make a statement – but beware of LRV!

We’re big believers in the potential colours have when it comes to completely transforming your doors. We’ve talked about colour in regards to curb appeal, we’ve seen it in our customer case studies and we even watched House Rules contestants Jess and Jared tackle a bold red front door. A simple pop of colour can make all the difference, as we’ve seen time and time again with tags from DIYers and renovators on our Instagram.

One of our most recent case studies, Katrina and Jesse of @the_reno_life_, used our PRE11 Frontier Barn Door. The couple originally picked the door because the sliding function fit the space perfectly – they didn’t have the space for a traditional swing door and the wall unit was filled with plumbing, so a cavity unit was out of the question.

However, further into the planning, Katrina decided the door would “be a point of interest in an otherwise plain room.” She picked Dulux Mornington Half, a soft pink, and styled the room around it.

“At first the hubby turned up his nose,” Katrina joked. “But he was surprised by how much he liked it once the whole room was done.”

Similar designs and colours were used in a BFR13 by @est.building and on @realmumsofbrisbane‘s JST6 – with stunning results!



Michael and Carlene Duffy, TV hosts and ex-contestants of The Block, have also shown off their own pop of colour on Instagram. They posted a snap of our HAG12 from the Frontier Barn Doors range, in a cool aqua shade. With the room’s rustic theme, the type of door was certainly the right pick, and with the surrounding stylings, the colour fit perfectly.

Renovation guru, Natasha Dickins from Little Red Industries, used a new door and pop of colour to completely transform her front-of-house. She painted our XLR120 a bright orange for the project, with tactical surround features and door customisations. She paired the door with a coloured mat, which ties in with both the orange of the door and the homey wooden/brick materials nearby. Natasha also used glass inserts to break up the colour and ensure it didn’t overpower the style.

Apart from style and practicality, another thing these doors got so right was the LRV – light reflective value. That is, the quantity of visible and useable light reflected by a surface; in this case, the door face. As such, under our care and maintenance policy, “light reflective colours are recommended” – particularly for entrance doors – to reduce the chances of the product bowing, warping or twisting.

Dark colours may void Hume’s warranty, so we suggest a semi-gloss finish using paint with an LRV finish greater than 50 on external doors. The paint specialists working throughout our distribution network will be able to point you in the right direction.

To learn more about the Hume five-year guarantee, or to chat to one of our professional team members, reach out to your local office or distributor today.